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6000 Steps To Reduce Osteoarthritic Knee Risks

Over time, knee osteoarthritis can limit your mobility. We know that exercise is beneficial, but now researchers have discovered exactly how many daily steps you need to take to reduce your risk of functional limitation.

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    Meet the Expert: Doctor Bio Video Series

  • Preventing Reinjury After ACL Reconstruction

    Reinjury is common after an ACL reconstruction. Summit physical therapists Kyle Hall and Jenny Blade explain the risks and share techniques that can help prevent a second injury.

  • Dr. Dane Hansen Showcased In Minnesota Health Care News

    Summit Orthopedics is proud that Minnesota Health Care News invited Summit surgeon Dane Hansen to provide its readers with an overview of total joint replacement surgery.

  • Effects of Exercise on Arthritis

    Effects of Exercise on Arthritis [Video]

    Ask the Expert: Arthritis Video Series

  • Summit Wellness Resources Support The Twin Cities’ Top Fitness Ranking

    This year, the Twin Cities bested Washington, D.C., to be named the most physically fit region in the nation by the American College of Sports Medicine. Do you know how your fitness level compares to that of your neighbors?

  • Biking in Traffic Safety Tips

    Biking Tips For Safer Travel In Traffic

    When cyclists and motorists share the road, cyclists are more vulnerable in the event of a mishap. We have some tips to help cyclists stay safe in traffic.