Golf QUICKGuide

The experts at Summit Orthopedics provide golfing injury prevention tips in their QUICKGuide to prevent injuries and stay safe during the sport.

Change it up

Most golf injuries come from overuse, or repetitive movements that tax the same muscle groups over and over again. Choosing a mix of recreational activities, including golf, will help maintain good overall fitness.

Swing mechanics matter

While practice may make perfect, practicing with poor mechanics can breed injury. A visit to your local golf pro can be beneficial for improving swing mechanics and instilling proper posture. This can decrease risk of injury.

Be smart with your golf bag

Golfers who carry their own bag (especially with just one strap) have twice the back, shoulder, and ankle injuries as those who don’t. Thankfully, many, if not all, bags now are made with two straps in order to wear the bag like a backpack. It really helps to even out the weight and avoids that lopsided walk with all the weight on one side. Even better, consider walking with a wheeled cart for your golf bag (or maybe both you and the bag can take a ride on a golf cart.)

Home on the range

Before your round of golf, do some simple stretching exercises, focusing on your shoulders, back, and legs. Then get a bucket of balls and hit a few golf balls on the driving range.

Consider the core

Your trunk includes muscles such as the abs, glutes and low back. Building strength here can minimize the incidence of injury from weakness.

Get in pre-round golf-specific stretching

Warm up and stretch, except focus on the arms, shoulders, back and torso, and lower body. Increasing the range of motion of the lower back and rotation of the lead hip (left hip in right-handed golfers) will also decrease the risk of injury.

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