Football QUICKGuide

The experts at Summit Orthopedics provide football injury prevention tips in their QUICKGuide to prevent injuries and stay safe during the sport.

Play heads up football

You cannot remind them enough to keep their head up when tackling or blocking.  Remember, helmets do not prevent concussions.

Build football-specific strength

Work the muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper back at slow speed and at constant tension, and leave plenty of recovery time prior to play. (24-48 hours).

Know the injury risk zones

  • Pre-season
    The problem: Early practices that are intense, long, and frequent can be breeding grounds for injury, especially after summers of limited activity.
    A solution: Gradually increase physical activity to allow the body time to adapt before pre-season starts.
  • Age
    The problem: Younger athletes are at a higher risk of risk of overuse injury.
    A solution:  Make sure young athletes know the rules of the game; allow muscle recovery time between games and practices (24-48 hours), and ease intensity during growth spurts as it can be difficult for the body to adapt.
  • Heat
    High heat conditions require constant access to cold water, frequent breaks, and parents and coaches watching for signs of heat illness.
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