Treat your muscle, bone or joint injury immediately

Let’s say your soccer player just came home from playing her favorite sport and is telling you about this fantastic play she made. In the next breath, she is telling you about some pain that she is feeling that is out of the ordinary. You’re not sure if it is something serious. It could be a sprain, a strain or worse yet, a fracture. It’s dinner time. Now what? You may be thinking that given the circumstances, your options for immediate attention for this types of orthopedic issues are limited. Not so. OrthoQUICK may be the answer.

OrthoQUICK clinics are designed to meet the demands of active families faced with bone, muscle or joint injuries that need expert attention immediately. Our clinics in Blaine, Eagan and Woodbury are staffed 7 days a week, 8 am to 8 pm, and require no appointment. The good news is, you can stop in to any one of our three OrthoQUICK clinics and our skilled staff, specializing in orthopedics, is there to treat you. OrthoQUICK is different from an urgent care clinic because it is an extension of Summit’s regular clinics; just open later and weekend hours to accommodate the needs of our patients. Our patients generally pay a regular office visit copay rather than the typically larger copay associated with a visit to an urgent care or emergency room.

No need to call in to schedule an appointment. With one of our three OrthoQUICK locations, walk in and our staff will be available to consult with you and diagnose the right course of action.

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  • Ray Coyle, OTR/L

    Assisting patients in returning to a high level of function quickly and safely is very rewarding. I want patients to feel informed, cared for, and that their expectations were exceeded.

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  • Mark Holm MD

    Mark Holm, M.D.

    “Hand and arm injuries can change your life. Timely care done with a thoughtful plan can minimize the long term effect of an injury.”

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