Supporting the Woodbury High School football program

Woodbury High School activities director, Jason Gonnion was quoted in the Wednesday, October 9 Woodbury Bulletin saying, “We’re extremely greatful.  We wouldn’t be where we are with the football program and activities without Summit’s help.”

The Royals and Summit Orthopedics entered into a partnership earlier this year where the Royals upgraded some of their equipment and Summit, among other components, agreed to offer injury prevention education to some of their athletes.  The football team felt one of their greatest needs was to make a commitment to the safest helmets.  Given all of the new information about the prevalence of head injuries in football, investment into quality head gear was at the top of the list of investments for head coach, Andy Hill.  The Woodbury players are now outfitted with the Riddell Revolution Speed helmets, chosen for their 5- star ranking in Virginia Tech’s research.


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