Comprehensive Surgical Care Offers Accelerated Patient Recovery

Summit’s outpatient surgical services provide specialized orthopedic care by professionals who know how to safely accelerate your recovery.


Historically, an orthopedic surgery meant a long wait to schedule your procedure, several days of recovery in a hospital bed, and a sizable medical bill. However, with the rise of ambulatory or outpatient surgical centers, surgical expectations have changed—for the better. Studies overwhelmingly show that the quality of care delivered by outpatient surgery centers is equal to or better than comparable hospital care. Specialized medical teams handle every aspect of patient care and recovery, surgeries are scheduled quickly and begin promptly, and patients realize a measurable cost savings.

Innovative advancements in anesthesia practice, new technologies, and minimally invasive surgical techniques have been critical to the success of outpatient surgical services. At Summit, our three surgery centers enhance your care in a number of ways.

  • We focus our resources and attention on the orthopedic procedures we know best. Our centers are designed to provide the range of orthopedic expertise you need, and the resources—from surgery through physical therapy and bracing— to safely accelerate your recovery.
  • Our teams are organized around you; you bring any concerns you have directly to your physician, who is thoroughly familiar with the details of your health.
  • Patient service is a priority; from the time you walk into our reception area, through your evaluation, surgery coordination, recovery, and post-surgical rehabilitation, you receive personalized attention and tailored care at a single accessible location.
  • You benefit from convenience and efficiency—as well as procedure costs that are lower than they would be for comparable services in a hospital setting.

When surgical options are appropriate for your condition, our surgical centers provide the resources and quality care you need to treat you safely and efficiently, and help get you back to the active life you enjoy.

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