Physical Therapists Play A Critical Role In Physical Health

When you suffer an injury, our highly trained physical therapists work with you to help you regain and maximize your physical abilities.

physical therapists

Whether you develop a strain while training for a run, or need help recuperating after a surgical procedure, physical therapists have the extensive knowledge, training, and positive motivation to help you recover and maximize your physical performance. A therapist can help you extend your range of motion, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

How physical therapists can help

Physical therapists are movement experts with a science-based understanding of the body. They offer a repertoire of specific exercises, and help you understand how these exercises affect injured tissues. The assessment and treatment they provide covers the following patient needs:

  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Repair of musculoskeletal injuries caused by wear and tear
  • Recovery from orthopedic and sports injuries
  • Correction of improper running form and recovery from running injuries
  • Addressing the sports risks of activities including throwing, jumping, golfing, and dance, and repairing injuries caused by these activities

A program specific to your needs

After assessing you, your physical therapist works with you to devise an exercise program to take stress off injured tissue. In appropriate cases, movement-related stress will be redirected to other stronger tissues. You and your therapist will establish goals together, and your progress will be closely monitored.

When you work with a physical therapist, you get a structured, individualized exercise program that is directed to your specific needs. The successful transition from injury to performance depends on an individualized approach tailored to your activity level, height, weight, age, prior injury history, and physical job requirements, among other factors. This personal attention is exactly what a physical therapist provides.

Recovery at your pace

A good physical therapist will also be assessing the intensity of your motivation to recover. Your level of motivation—or its absence—helps a therapist to understand how much encouragement you’ll need, and identify the best ways to reach you.

The road to recovery should never be painful. Working together, you and your therapist will establish physical objectives, and the science-based exercise plan you need to reclaim the physical function you love.

Summit Orthopedics offers proactive wellness services

At Summit Orthopedics, we are committed to providing the resources, tools, and expertise you need to achieve your personal fitness goals. Our Summit wellness center is home to proactive wellness classes and training services for you and the whole family. Wellness experts can work with you or your physician to design an exercise program that supports lifelong health through exercise.

Start your journey to a more active self through our wellness services offered at the HealthEast Sports Center. Schedule a free wellness consultation online or call (651) 968-5766. Find the group fitness class that works with your schedule. Visit our Facebook page to learn all about the wellness events we offer to safely promote good health throughout your life.

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