Tips To Help Women Choose Holiday Shoes

Seasonal parties provide the perfect reason to don festive attire. We have tips to help women select shoes that provide safety as well as sparkle.


The holiday season is in full swing. As we juggle parties, family gatherings, and plans to ring in the New Year, choosing festive ensembles is part of the fun. Because we are rushing to finish last-minute shopping, decorating, and cooking, we may be spending more time on our feet than usual. It’s important to take care of our feet as we enjoy the pleasures of the season.

As women make decisions about the shoes they’ll wear to celebrate and ring in 2015, we want safety, as well as fashion, to play a role in shoe selection. These considerations can help you to select shoes that will be kind to your feet as they carry you through the holidays.

  • Check shoe fit. The most comfortable shoes cushion your foot without putting too much weight on the ball of your foot. Be cautious when considering heels, cowboy boots, and sandals—these styles don’t tend to provide a lot of cushioning. If you have pain in the ball of your foot, or if you can’t resist that festive pair of heels, slip a pair of shoe pads into your shoes.
  • Platforms are safer than classic heels. Platform shoes provide more contact with the ground, better balance, and more even weight distribution on your foot. When you wear thin heels, the wobble in your walk travels right up your leg to your spine.
  • Pay attention to foot position. The position of your foot in your shoe affects the position of your ankles, knees, hips, and spine. A heeled shoe can alter your foot position and throw off your body’s alignment. However, if you are flat-footed, heels may benefit you. The height can help tighten your plantar intrinsic and lend stability to your arch.

With a little attention to the way your feet feel in your party shoes, you can protect your feet while you celebrate.

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