Summit Orthopedics: Official Physicians For Crashed Ice

Summit Orthopedics sports medicine physicians and surgeons have been named Official Physicians of this weekend’s Crashed Ice world championship in St. Paul. CNN ranks the frosty competition among the world’s top 19 global events of the year.



More than 100,000 spectators will fill the race grounds and line the downhill track at the Cathedral of St. Paul this weekend. They come to cheer on approximately 200 skaters who will be plunging down a vertical 5-story drop along a quarter-mile track with seven swooping turns in the 2015 Ice Cross Downhill World Championship season opener. This is the fourth year that Saint Paul has hosted the hugely popular Red Bull Crashed Ice event.

Summit is proud to provide community athletic events with medical support. When downhill skaters burst out of a starting gate four abreast to race down a frozen course loaded with obstacles, the sports medicine physicians, surgeons, and athletic trainers of Summit Orthopedics will be standing by. Crashed Ice athletes undergo rigorous training and are protected with helmets, shin pads, gloves, and blades that do not have pointy edges. Still, the combination of slick surfaces, high speeds, sharp skates, bumps, turns, and plummeting drops makes injury a possibility that can’t be ignored. In 2012, a Minnesota competitor suffered multiple leg fractures during a practice run. The Summit team will come prepared with sports injury expertise and the medical resources an injured athlete might need.

It takes comprehensive expertise to care for close to 200 athletes through three days of extreme competition. On Thursday, Summit sports medicine physician Dr. Lehnert, assisted by athletic trainer Sarah Perryman will be on site to treat any injuries. As activities pick up on Friday, Drs. Gannon and Scofield, supported by trainer Jenny Ryan, will provide sports medicine expertise as well as knee, hip, and shoulder surgical knowledge. During Saturday’s events, Drs. Maddux and Voight offer sub-specialty experience in sports medicine and spine, with the assistance of athletic trainer Stacey Chezik. The Summit Physician team will be ready for possible injuries with resources including splints, backboards, neck braces, and kits to treat lacerations, abrasions or scrapes.

With luck, all of the excitement will be focused on the athlete who powers past the finish line in first place. But if there should be an unlucky slip of a skate, Summit Orthopedics will be on hand with the sports medicine expertise to help.

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