Pedal For Health: It’s Bike Week In The Twin Cities

This week, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is celebrating Bike Week with a series of events celebrating and promoting biking in the Twin Cities.

With our beautiful bike trails, convenient Nice Ride stations, active biking community, and biking education programs, it’s no surprise that Minnesota has once again been named the second most bike-friendly state in the country by the League of American Bicyclists. This week, communities across the country are celebrating Bike Week. It’s the perfect time to grab your helmet and pedal your way to better health.

Whether you’d like to explore a biking route to work, learn how to fix or maintain your bike, or participate in a group ride with other members of our community who share a passion for pedaling, you’ll find free events being staged all week to support biking as part of an active lifestyle.

The benefits of biking, whether you bike to work, to local neighborhood businesses, or to enjoy a ride through one of our lovely Twin Cities parks, are numerous:

  • Biking can reduce stress and set a relaxed tone for your entire day. Researchers at Stanford found that workers who bike to their jobs are 40 percent less likely to be tense in their first hour of work.
  • An 18-year study published in 2014 found that employees who pedaled to the office experienced increased happiness, improved sleep, and enhanced problem solving skills, compared to those who drove to work.
  • You are more likely to gain weight if you commute by car than you are if you use active transportation like biking or walking to get to work. According to a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers found that over a four-year period, daily drivers averaged three pounds more weight gain, even when they were active during their leisure hours.

With classes, rides, free breakfasts, commuter pit stops and more, Bike Week events are designed to appeal to new riders as well as seasoned cyclists. To find the event that’s just right for you, click here.

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