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This month, Dr. Michael Forseth talked with Minnesota Parent about steps parents can take to keep children safe this summer.

Summit Orthopedics encourages families to participate in active summer play. Warm-weather months are a wonderful time for children to develop social skills and fitness habits. At the same time, we recognize that as children spend more time playing outdoors, accidents will happen. The number of children visiting emergency rooms and doctors’ offices rises with summer temperatures. In the July 2015 issue of Minnesota Parent, Dr. Forseth talks about the common injuries he treats every summer, and the safety steps parents can take to keep children out of harm’s way as they play.

A parent himself, Dr. Forseth emphasizes that the long-term benefits of an active lifestyle far outweigh the injury risks of most bumps, bruises, and minor fractures. Children who remain indoors and entertain themselves with sedentary technology options may be safer from fractures than children who spend the summer pedaling around the neighborhood with friends, but over time, inactive habits increase the risks of obesity and related chronic health problems later in life.

He explains that one of the most important steps a parent can take is to sit down with their children at the start of summer and talk about safety. “Teach safe habits around cars and other hazards, emphasize the importance of using playground equipment as it was designed to be used, and insist that safety equipment is non-negotiable—helmets in particular,” Dr. Forseth advises. Safety rules may not win a popularity contest with children, but they could prevent a serious injury.

Dr. Forseth addresses the recreational interests that commonly result in injuries: biking, playground slides, trampolines, playing around fire pits, tubing behind boats, and riding in a car. He has specific advice about prevention and safety rules for each type of activity.

You’ll find all of Dr. Forseth’s summer safety guidelines in the July 2015 issue of Minnesota Parent. Taking preventative steps to teach safety guidelines isn’t difficult, and can go a long way to help keep your children safe as they actively enjoy all that summer has to offer.


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