Minnesota Named Best State For Children

Summit is proud to provide quality healthcare to Minnesota children. Our state’s well-deserved reputation for excellent pediatric medical care contributed to its ranking as the best of all 50 states for children.

Minnesota is known as a wonderful place to raise a family, and the quality of our medical care contributes to that reputation. Summit physicians are honored to have cared for several generations of families in our community. From bruises and sprains to fractures and more serious injuries, we are here with office hours—and immediate orthopedic expertise at our walk-in OrthoQUICK clinic, to treat unexpected mishaps and support a healthy, active family lifestyle.

We were delighted to learn that an annual report, the KIDS COUNT Data Book, has reviewed the well-being of our nation’s children and named Minnesota the best state in the country for children to flourish. The rating is based on an evaluation of state healthcare—including the number of children without healthcare, economic strength, education, and community. Minnesota has always scored well in the KIDS COUNT report, but in the past few years, health indicators reflecting child death rates and teen substance abuse have been a challenge.

Recently, Minnesota’s health indicators for children have taken a positive turn. In 2013, Minnesota had the lowest number of pediatric deaths in 20 years, and the number of teens struggling with drug abuse dropped from 9 to 5 percent. Safety measures played a significant role in these improvements. Accidents are the most serious threat to young lives. Practicing safety measures like using seat belts and teaching awareness have helped to keep children safer. In the July issue of Minnesota Parent, Summit’s Dr. Michael Forseth lists additional safety precautions that parents can take.

We join Governor Mark Dayton in lauding our state’s progress in improving healthcare for our children, but we don’t plan to rest on our laurels. At Summit, we are constantly improving healthcare delivery to keep children safe, and to help them heal quickly when the unexpected happens.



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    Michael Forseth, M.D.

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