Great Breakfasts To Start The Day

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but knowing that isn’t enough to make a great breakfast happen for a busy family. We have some practical tips to help you start your family’s day with a breakfast that is delicious and packed with energy.

We know why breakfast is so important: the right morning nutrition boosts brain function, attention span, concentration, and memory. Eating well early in the day also prevents us from overeating later. However, knowing we need to eat breakfast doesn’t mean we know what we should eat—especially on mornings when we hit the snooze button one time too many. We’ve got breakfast choices for everyone, whether you plan to peruse the paper over a leisurely meal or reach for breakfast on the run.

When you have time to savor breakfast at your leisure

  • A vegetable omelet is an excellent choice. Use a colorful array of vegetables, and toss in some avocado slices for a boost of healthful fat and vitamins. If you are watching your cholesterol, make your omelet with three egg whites and only one egg yolk.
  • Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon, fruit, and whole-wheat toast are another way to enjoy a leisurely breakfast packed with nutrition to take you through your morning.
  • Scrambled eggs also make an excellent breakfast taco when spooned into a corn tortilla with salsa and a sprinkling of low-fat cheese.
  • Oatmeal is a comforting way to warm up a chilly morning, with an important added benefit: eating one and a half cups of oatmeal each day can lower your cholesterol by 5 to 8 percent. Increase the nutritional benefits of this breakfast by adding fruit or nuts to your bowl.
  • Whole-grain waffles topped with berries or bananas are a weekend treat that delivers health benefits with delicious flair.

If it’s a grab-and-go morning

  • It only takes a moment to mix a cup of plain Greek yogurt with some fruit or nuts. Greek yogurt gives you twice the protein of regular yogurt. Nuts add healthful fat, and fruit ups the vitamin value of your meal.
  • Whip up an English muffin sandwich. Pop the muffin in the toaster while you grab a slice of low-fat cheese and deli turkey or ham. Assemble your sandwich, and warm it in the microwave for a few seconds while you gather up an apple or banana to round out your meal.
  • No time for using appliances? A peanut butter sandwich on whole-grain bread with a banana on the side will give you the energy and nutrition you need in a flash.

For your breakfast beverage

  • Coffee is the darling of research studies. Its possible benefits range from neurological health to cancer prevention. More research is being done to confirm these claims.
  • Tea is a comforting morning beverage, and contains antioxidants that may inhibit bad cholesterol, reduce blood clotting, and help to widen blood vessels in the heart.
  • If you prefer to drink your breakfast on the go, consider blending Greek yogurt with frozen fruit and a splash of low-fat milk or water for a quick protein-packed smoothie.

Whether you linger or dash as the sun comes up, these breakfast options deliver the nutritious fuel your body needs to start your day on the right foot, and keep you alert and energized through the morning.

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