Knee Replacement Story

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I thought I would tell you good story of my great experience with Summit and Kris Breien. I had a left knee replacement 18 yrs ago by Jack McMahon, and a right knee replacement by Jim Larson 10 yrs ago. Last November my left knee began giving my trouble, and I went to see Larson. He took an X-ray, said everything looked fine, and said all I needed was PT at Sister Kenney.

The knee got worse, and my friends noted it bowed outward 3-4 inches with every step. So I talked to John McMahon, who recommended Mark Heller. But I also talked to Bill Park, as well as Nick Wills, who said the guy to go to was Kris Breien, who specialized in revisions. Wills got me in to see Breien immediately, who pointed out that the the X-ray of Larson, as well as a new xray taken at Summit, showed the prosthesis to be shot, with the medial plastic all gone.

Breien did surgery 3/5 at Woodwinds. I worked very hard at the PT, and drove to Pinehurst, NC on 4/15 to try to play golf. After the 1st 2 knee replacements, it took me 3 months to swing a golf club. Since 4/16 I have played 18 holes of gold every day for 2 1/2 weeks, absolutely pain free, with no restriction whatsoever, except my own lousy golf swing. I regard the outcome as near-miraculous. It’s absolutely amazing to me. My very sincere thanks to Dr. Breien, and to Nick Wills and Bill Park for recommending him to me.

My best to you.

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  • Kristoffer Breien, M.D.

    “I tend to be more conservative in my approach, reserving surgery as a last option. In essence, I strive to care for patients and their problems in the same manner my family and I expect to be treated when we seek medical attention.”

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  • Nicholas Wills MD

    Nicholas Wills, M.D.

    “I understand the concern of athletes to get back to their sport and working in combination with our therapists helps them there.”

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