Spinal fusion success story

I will not hesitate to return to him if I need back attention again or recommend him to anyone.

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My story is I am 53 years old…I work in manufacturing and repetitive motion, bending, lifting and standing for many hours in one spot on concrete, coming up on 35 years. Over the years I have slipped off icy steps, been in two fender benders, so far I have spent many a years with the chiropractors, Dr. Rydberg has kept me a float for many, many, years.

I have degenerative disc in family history and it finally hit the wall after I had retinal detachment surgery(2013) where I had to sleep face down for 24 hours and then  two weeks on the right side, until the gas bubble disappeared. My L4 L5 disc slipped and would not could not be corrected by the my chiropractor. I met with Dr. Wills, we went over the MRI’s and x-rays and said he could help me. I told him I have been taking Advil for over thirty years 9-12 a day and depression from the pain was getting worse. I told him I had two years until full pension, at least nine years to work and the faster he could get me back working the better.

He suggested invasive spinal fusion for me and Surgery was scheduled a few weeks later, recover time was six weeks with restrictions for the first six months. I just had my year post exam all is good and Dr. Wills has given my release. My experience was great and I have not taken any Advil since my back fusion. I am surprised the Advil company has not gone bankrupt. I am back going for walks and moving around without resting and each month has been an improvement.

Dr. Wills is pleasant, upbeat, willing to answer all your questions and straight to the point. I will not hesitate to return to him if I need back attention again or recommend him to anyone. Many Thanks Dr. Wills!

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