Safely Returning to Play [Video]

Ask the Expert: Sports Medicine Video Series

Parents are often wonder when is the right time and when is it safe for my child to return to their sport. Listen to Summit Orthopedics’ sports and active medicine experts share the insights they’ve gained in their years caring for athletes and people with active lifestyles. Featuring sports medicine specialists Eric Khetia, MD and Jack Skendzel, MD.


Video Transcription: 

Eric Khetia, M.D.: Parents often are concerned about when their child can return safely to their sport. The great thing about Summit is we work together to make sure that happens in as safe a manner as possible. So for example, as a sports medicine surgeon, I work closely with our physical therapists, and together we help decide when that patient can safely return to their sport. They have to be able to pass very specific tests that are geared to that specific sport and once they are able to pass those specific milestones, then they’re safe to return to their sport.

Jack Skendzel, M.D.: So one of the things that Summit is doing is we’ve just developed a return to sport program that’s called The Ascend Program. And basically, it’s designed for athletes or people who have had an ACL injury or have had ACL reconstruction, to help them get back to sports more safely. And so it’s a supervised rehabilitation program, usually at the end of a course of formal physical therapy to prepare them to get back into sports. And there’s been research that shows programs like this will decrease the rate of re-injury of the ACL if done properly.

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  • Eric Khetia, M.D.

    “My goal is to lead an active, healthy life and to allow my patients to do the same. Restoring them to pre-injury levels of functioning and allowing them to pursue the activities they enjoy inspires me.”

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  • Jack Skendzel, M.D.

    “An active lifestyle requires superior physical function, and I understand that my patients have exceptionally high standards for their performance and joint health. My goal is to return patients to optimal function so that they can continue to perform and master their personal athletic goals.”

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