Summit’s Performance Specialists: Here To Help You Up Your Game

The engaging performance specialists at Summit Orthopedics believe that the right trainer is out there for everyone, and that finding that right connection can help every single person reach the fitness goals he or she wants to achieve.

Our community knows Summit Orthopedics as a trusted medical partner providing care for orthopedic conditions. With the opening of our facilities at the HealthEast Sports Center, we are expanding our commitment to your health with wellness services that include training with a performance specialist. These enthusiastic professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your definition of fitness.

Summit performance specialist Jeff Cassellius explains Summit’s approach to fitness. “Our philosophy is that every single person wants to be in better shape, and every person has a trainer out there who is a great match for his or her personality and needs,” says Jeff. “We want to identify the trainer who makes you feel comfortable and motivated.”

All performance specialists have a four-year degree in physical science, which encompasses specialties like kinesiology, exercise physiology, or biomechanics. “We partner with physical therapists, but there is a clear distinction between our role and the role of our physical therapists,” says Jeff. “We pick up where physical therapists leave off. In some cases, where patients have concluded their rehabilitation therapy, they might still want additional strength. In those situations, we’d partner with a physical therapist and continue with the patients to take them the rest of the way to their goal safely. In other cases, we work with healthy patients who simply want to enhance their health through a program that improves flexibility or strength.”

They define performance as improving personal quality of life. For a young athlete, that could mean learning basic movement patterns that help prevent injury during sports competition. For a grandparent, it could mean being able to play with your grandkids. For a busy working parent, it could be developing an exercise program that supports a weight-loss goal. For someone with arthritis, it could mean strengthening that allows climbing stairs more easily. Essentially, performance specialists mold what they do around what you need.

Performance specialists work with you on a schedule tailored to your ability and available time. How long they work with an individual depends on a lot of factors. An individual session may be up to an hour long. They recommend going at least twice a week because it takes your body some time to adapt and get used to a new routine and to see results. Ideally, you’d want to go twice a week for four to six weeks.

“But we understand that people’s abilities exist in a range,” adds Jeff. “One individual might be wiped out after 40 minutes; an hour session is too much for them. When you meet with us, we are working toward the goals you’ve identified, and your session length may vary, depending on what your goals are.”

“Our services are designed to be an affordable, private, personalized alternative to the big-box gym,” says Jeff. “We want people to know that we are here to help, and we care more than you even know. The opportunity to make our community healthier is the reason we get up every day!”

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