Supporting Our Community Through Medical Care For Student Athletes

Summit is proud to be the Official Sports Medicine Partner for the East Metro high school athletes in District 833; this collaboration is the latest in Summit’s ongoing mission to provide sports medicine support for educational institutions.

“The sports medicine doctors at Summit Orthopedics have long-standing relationships with high school and college athletic programs in our community,” explains sports medicine specialist and surgeon Dr. Jack Skendzel. “This year, I’m working with Drs. Scofield, Gannon, and Warner, and our athletic trainers to provide medical coverage for thousands of high school athletes attending Woodbury, East Ridge, and Park high schools in District 833. Caring for these young athletes is just one example of Summit’s commitment to give back to our community through medical support for student teams.”

Summit Orthopedics also partners with the University of Northwestern–St. Paul. Sports medicine surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Furmanek staffs the college football games, working with athletes in the training room and caring for them throughout the year. “Contact sports require a lot of pivoting and cutting activities that tend to make cartilage and ligament damage common among athletes,” he says. “It’s a pleasure to work with coaches and trainers to help reduce injury risks, and an inspiration for me to support the goals of these players.”

Dr. Peter Daly, with support from Dr. Kirk Scofield, has been cheering on the Golden Bears at Concordia University—and serving them as team physician—since 2014. “Working with our Twin Cities athletes to help keep them at the top of their game is one aspect of our commitment to our community,” explains Dr. Daly. “It’s very personally gratifying.”

“We live in the same neighborhoods as these young athletes, and I think that personal connection is what makes it so meaningful for us to be able to give back,” says Dr. Skendzel. “I worked at a scrimmage last night at Woodbury High School. It’s great to say hello to some of the kids that we’ve treated and talk to the families and coaches. We really value the relationships we are building with our community. When our local athletes need us, we want to be here to help.”


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  • James Gannon, M.D.

    “Leading an active lifestyle provides an additional motivation to provide orthopedic care that will allow patients to return to the activities they enjoy.”

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  • Jack Skendzel, M.D.

    “An active lifestyle requires superior physical function, and I understand that my patients have exceptionally high standards for their performance and joint health. My goal is to return patients to optimal function so that they can continue to perform and master their personal athletic goals.”

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  • Brent Warner, M.D.

    “As an athlete, I understand the profound impact that an injury can have on a patient’s life and well-being. My goal is
    to return people to activity as quickly and safely as possible, whether that’s training for an ultramarathon or walking
    the dog around the block.”

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  • Peter Daly, M.D.

    “I understand the concern of athletes to get back to their sport. And I work in combination with our therapists
    to get them fully active.”

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  • Jeffrey Furmanek, D.O.

    “My training has taught me to understand that the human body is a complex sum of its parts with an innate ability to heal. My role as an orthopedic surgeon can be an important part of this natural process.”

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