Ask Instructor Jaclyn Wertish: What Are The Benefits Of Yoga Sculpt?

The Yoga Sculpt class at Summit’s Health and Wellness Center combines yoga and weights to sculpt every muscle group. Instructor Jaclyn Wertish explains her approach to the class, and discusses the benefits of this lively workout.

“I think of Yoga Sculpt class as a mini-party designed to strengthen and sculpt your muscles,” says Summit Health and Wellness instructor Jaclyn Wertish. “The music is upbeat and the movements are fast-paced. It’s fun to do—jam out with a group of people who share a commitment to fitness.”

Of all of the different yoga classes offered at Summit’s Health and Wellness Center, Yoga Sculpt puts the most emphasis on strengthening. The class begins with yoga positions, and then moves into strengthening moves like repetitive push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, burpees, biceps curls and triceps dips using free weights. There’s a little cardio thrown in for good measure.

“I did my instructor training for Yoga Sculpt at CorePower,” says Jaclyn. “We began learning how to count to music, because that count is an integral part of the class: everybody counts. If keeping a beat isn’t your forte, don’t worry! No one understands that better than me. I’ve got it down now, but in the beginning, I was horrible at tempo and beat—and I took nine years of piano lessons! But our instructors were patient with us, and I’m patient with my students too. You’ll get the hang of it, and counting together is a powerful class dynamic—everyone counts and there’s a great spirit of getting through the workout together.

“Whether you’ve never taken yoga before or are a seasoned practitioner, you’ll get a great workout,” Jaclyn states. “I usually start beginners with lighter free weights, and increase the weight gradually as you get stronger.”

Jaclyn lists some of the health benefits that make Yoga Sculpt a valuable part of a fitness program.

  • Working with weights is designed to build strength over time.
  • Like all yoga classes, there is an emphasis on mental and emotional focus.
  • Learning to coordinate movement to breath in a state of exertion helps to develop lung capacity.
  • Over time, this class helps you to gain and sculpt your muscle groups.
  • Because students burn from 300 to 500 calories in a 45-minute class, Yoga Sculpt is a good strategy for weight loss.
  • The vigorous exercise is good for your cardiovascular system.

“It takes effort to build muscle,” Jaclyn says, “so I like to make my class smile, and I joke with them to keep energy and spirits high right through the workout. If you commit to at least one class a week, I guarantee that you are going to see improvement in your strength level over time. For even more benefit, consider mixing it up and trying a few different classes; Summit’s Health and Wellness Center is awesome, and each of the class formats offers unique benefits. We hope you’ll come and join us; we’d love to have you. In Yoga Sculpt, all you need to bring is a water bottle, a towel, and your A game!”


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