Give Yourself The Gift Of Health This Holiday Season

Most of us reserve our resolutions for the new year—but why wait until January to take steps to better health? Summit’s HealthEast Wellness Center is ready to help you embrace your best and more relaxed self now—in the midst of the holiday bustle.

January 1st is the day usually reserved for new year’s resolutions about health—but why wait until after overindulgence to try to repair the damage? With our accessible location, plentiful parking, gorgeous views, bright spacious facilities, and enthusiastic staff, Summit’s Wellness Center is designed to be your health oasis in the midst of the holiday flurry.

We offer several services you can use to maintain your health through the holidays.

  • Eat well and indulge in moderation. Eating well through the holidays is one of the smartest strategies you can take to protect your health. This doesn’t mean you must say no to every delicious holiday dish, but it is a good idea to limit your celebratory indulgences and offset them with a balanced diet emphasizing fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthful fats at home. Don’t forget that liquid celebratory toasts can be caloric too—and can impair your ability to drive safely. If you need help designing a healthy diet that works for your lifestyle, our dietician will be happy to put you on the path to healthier eating in 2017.
  • Improve balance to prevent injuries. Fall-related injuries jump when conditions get slippery. Improving your balance through one of our yoga classes or a personal training program is an excellent way to reduce your risk of slipping and falling.
  • Manage stress through exercise. During the holidays, social obligations, gift expenses, travel demands, and interpersonal conflicts with family members are loaded on top of regular work duties. The added responsibility can be stressful, and stress takes a toll on your body as well as your peace of mind. Join one of our fitness classes or commit to regular sessions with a personal trainer; physical exercise reduces stress and makes it easier to cope with the demands of the season.
  • Make activity a habit. Exercise is important all year long—and even more important when you feel stressed or tempted by rich holiday foods. Figuring out how to motivate yourself is half the battle. If you need a partner to stay motivated, we understand. Our wellness team’s personal trainers are here to step in and encourage you to stick with your fitness program.

Want to literally give the gift of fitness this holiday season? Our Wellness Center has gift cards available. Slip one into the stocking of someone you love, or put a Summit Wellness gift card on your own Christmas list. We are here to make this holiday season the healthiest one ever for you and your family and friends.


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