Tips to Safely Remove a Ring [Video]

Ask the Expert: Hand Video Series

Our hands all go through changes based on activity, temperature, weight, and even arthritis. Any of these factors can make your rings difficult or seemingly impossible to remove. Listen to Summit Orthopedics’ experts share some of the best surgeon tricks to remove that ring safely. Featuring hand surgeons, Edward Su, MD, Robert Anderson, MD and LT Donovan, DO.

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  • Edward Su, M.D.

    “Driving, cooking, bathing, using tools, computers, and playing sports. We interact with the world largely through our hands, and I appreciate the importance of staying active and pain free.”

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  • Robert Anderson

    Robert Anderson, M.D.

    “My own injuries and need for surgeries have helped me understand the patient experience. I’m a better listener and care provider as a result. I grew up and attended college in the area, so I know and understand the people of the Twin Cities.”

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  • LT Donovan, D.O.

    “My personal passions for baseball and cycling often give me unique insights about how to treat sports-related injuries.”

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