Role of Sleep in Health and Performance [Video]

Ask the Expert: Wellness Video Series

Listen to Summit Orthopedics Health and Wellness Coach, Caleigh Eriksen, M.S., discuss the impact a good night’s sleep can have on stress levels and overall quality of life, as well as helpful tips to wind down before bed.

Video Transcription:

Sleep’s one of the most important aspects of your day really, if you think about the demands that we place on our body’s both mentally and physically throughout the day. You need time to rest, repair, refuel and if you don’t get that sleep that can lead into other problems like stress and it becomes a vicious cycle where your bouncing in between is it, lack of sleep or is it stress? And one is playing into the other all the time. So, somewhere you have to break that streak and work on getting the sleep. There is a little bit of varying degree of how much sleep each individual needs. You kinda always hear the typical eight hours, which is a good rule of thumb to go by. Some people require more, some people require a little bit less. So, you kinda get to know your body and what you really need to be at your peak functioning that following day. There’s things you can do if you’re having trouble sleeping. You talk about sleep environment, is a big piece of it. Especially these days with all the technology. But lights, on our phones before we go to bed. That signals to the body that you’re staying awake. So, we want to make sure that before we go to bed we’re slowly winding down, decreasing the amount of screen time and things like that. Which is kind of new since technologies have come across and we’ve got iPads and phones and making sure you take the time before you lay down for the night to kinda cut some of that off and signal to the body that it’s time to go to sleep. Otherwise, the body thinks that it’s time to stay up. Using blackout curtains, ’cause again, if you’ve got light coming through from a street light … It’s all those little things you can do to help create a better sleep environment. That will help fall asleep and then, stay asleep.

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