Summit’s Wellness Program Strength Training: A Firsthand Report

Curious about whether Summit’s wellness program at HealthEast Sports Center might be a good fit for your health goals? One couple in our program talks frankly about their experience with Summit’s strength-training program.

When Marian and Tim, a couple in their 50s, learned about Summit’s Wellness Center at HealthEast Sports Center, they decided to try the center’s strength-training and dietitian services as part of their 2017 New Year’s resolution to live a healthier life.

“We both have careers that keep us at our computers,” explains Marian. “We invested in Fitbits to motivate ourselves to be more active, but we knew that wasn’t enough. I had tried strength-training classes in a gym-membership environment, but after one class with no individual supervision, I was painfully sore and completely discouraged. When we read about the Summit program, the ability to work one on one with a highly trained performance specialist was especially reassuring. We decided to try it.”

The couple began with Summit’s free wellness consultation, where they discussed their health goals with performance specialist Heidi Corbett. A week later, they were back at the center in workout clothes, ready to begin.

“The HealthEast Sports Center is so beautiful, and our first session was pretty easy,” Marian remembers. “Heidi gauged our upper and lower body strength, walking us through squats and lunges and cardio.” After that first session, things got more challenging.

“Heidi really put us through our paces,” Tim laughs. “She designs a weekly program that is tailored to our goals, and changes things up to keep it interesting. We get a program that’s structured to strengthen our upper and lower body, along with cardio and core work. I especially value the micro-corrections Heidi and her intern, Ellen, make to my form when I’m lifting, to help me zero in on the muscle groups I’m working.”

“I have never been athletic and I’m not someone who enjoys working out,” Marian confesses. “Tim and I love to travel and explore on foot, and we want to do that for decades to come. I knew that getting stronger now could prevent future injuries and support our travel dreams, so I was committed.”

After four or five sessions, Marian surprised herself. “I was getting stronger,” she says. “I wasn’t wobbling during lunges anymore, and I could lift twice as much weight as I did in my first session. It was like a switch flipped; suddenly I was having fun and genuinely looked forward to working out. We had signed up for six sessions, and committed to six more. Now I think we are just going to keep going—our weekly training has become part of our routine. We know that prevention is the best investment we could make in our health, and we just love working with Heidi and Ellen.”

“Summit has created a super-friendly environment that is supportive and impressively equipped,” says Tim. “It’s incredible to me that we have friends who are spending far more for personal trainers at a gym, without the credentials and personal attention that we get from Heidi and Ellen. Every time Marian and I walk out to the car after a session, we look at each other, grin, and say, ‘I’m so glad we are doing this!’”

Summit + The Power House helps you meet your fitness goals

Summit Orthopedics partners with performance experts from The Power House to bring comprehensive, highly-tailored fitness services to you. Whether you are a first-timer in the gym or a competitive athlete, our coaches and trainers have all the tools, resources, and expertise to create programs that fit your needs and help you achieve your performance goals. Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be a patient of Summit to take advantage of these offerings.

Start your journey towards your health and fitness goals today. Schedule a free consultation at the HealthEast Sports Center location online, or call (651) 968-5766. Find the group fitness class that works with your schedule. Visit The Power House Facebook page to learn all about the events we offer to safely promote good health throughout your life.

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    “I truly believe exercise is medicine, and everyone can benefit from physical activity. My goal is to help support individuals in leading healthy lifestyles by improving their overall well being. It’s never too late to make positive changes.”

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