Meet Summit Orthopedics Surgeon Dr. Bryan Nestor

Dr. Bryan Nestor and Dr. Peter Daly met as residents pursuing orthopedics training at the Mayo Clinic. After 22 years of joint replacement experience at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Summit Orthopedics is delighted to announce that Dr. Nestor is returning to the Midwest to work side by side with Dr. Daly again.

“I met Peter Daly as a fellow resident,” says surgeon Dr. Bryan Nestor. “We’ve remained in touch, seeing each other at national meetings over the years. In the spring of 2016, Peter called me about a referral. Our conversation led to Summit’s development of outpatient joint replacement services. He invited me to come for a visit in August.” He smiles. “I was impressed.”

Born in Montana and educated at Georgetown through a naval scholarship program, Dr. Bryan Nestor went to Portsmouth Naval Hospital following his orthopedics residency training to direct the total joint service in fulfillment of his scholarship obligations. When a New York City hospital offered him a one-year surgical arthritis service fellowship, he promised his wife that they’d be in New York no more than a year. Midway through the fellowship, he was offered a staff position.

“Twenty-two years—and a few interesting conversations with my wife—later, here we are,” laughs Dr. Nestor. “We had a great life on the East Coast, but now our children are grown and living in California. My wife’s family is here in Edina, so the Twin Cities feel like home. We have roots here.”

Dr. Nestor explored opportunities with several national orthopedics practices, but found Summit Orthopedics attractive for multiple reasons. “The first thing that impressed me about Summit was their value system,” he explains. “As I spoke with CEO Adam Berry and Becky Hines at Vadnais Surgery Center, it was very clear that the patient’s concerns were first and foremost. This was true of everyone I met at Summit: the surgeons, the nurses, the ancillary staff, everyone. Then I visited the surgery center at Vadnais Heights; the research, the outcomes data, the quality of the rehabilitation program—it was all impressive. The coup de grace was Summit’s achievement of The Joint Commission accreditation for advanced total hip and knee replacement; I understand Summit Orthopedics is only the second ambulatory surgery center in the country to achieve this recognition. Summit’s practice is leading a paradigm shift in medical practice, and it’s exciting to be part of such patient-centered innovation.”

Summit’s legacy of donating medical supplies and care in the Honduras also factored into the Nestors’ decision. “My wife is a nurse,” Dr. Nestor explains, “and as our kids have gotten older, we’ve talked about opportunities to give back. What Pete and LuLu have done with the Holy Family Surgery Center in Honduras is extraordinary. We can’t wait to see it firsthand.”

The value system that attracted Dr. Nestor to Summit Orthopedics is reflected in his own approach to patient care. “I treat people with arthritis of the hip and knee, and I love what I do,” he says. “I believe that the patient-doctor relationship is the most sacred of unwritten contracts. Function and mobility are things we often take for granted. You don’t realize their importance in your life until you start to lose them. There are very few surgeries that have the kind of predictable success that knee and hip replacements offer, or that can have such a huge positive impact on a person’s quality of life. I love seeing my patients through the process, and helping them reclaim the activities they love to do.”

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