Dietitian-Approved Smart Options For On-The-Go Meals

When you need to fit on-the-go meals into a busy schedule, Summit’s nutrition and wellness team has you covered.

on-the-go meals

Sometimes, there’s simply no time for thoughtful meal preparation. Early morning meetings, business travel, or a nonstop schedule can make on-the-go meal solutions the only option. But quick meals don’t have to be unhealthy meals. Summit’s nutrition and wellness team offers options that provide good nutrition without slowing you down.

Three places where you can find healthy on-the-go meals

Limited time to eat doesn’t have to mean a meal with limited nutritional benefit. In this day and age, few people have the luxury to always plan perfectly balanced meals. We’ve scrambled to find breakfast on the way to an early morning meeting. When you know where to look, it’s easier than you think to make healthy choices while on the move. You can eat a nutritious on-the-go meal whether you are at a gas station on your way to work, getting lunch on the road, or eating dinner out with clients.

Find on-the-go meals at the gas station

It may sound crazy, but you can find good breakfast options at the gas station. You’ll find hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, sandwiches, and even a selection of fruit. An egg makes a great breakfast on the go. A combination of yogurt and fruit is another good option.

Choose a well-balanced lunch on the road

Sometimes when you are traveling, fast food is the most convenient option. We encourage clients to skip fried foods and burgers. A better option is a 6-inch sub sandwich. Whole-grain bread will give you healthy carbs. Lean turkey or chicken provides protein. If avocado is an option, you’ve got an excellent healthy fat in the mix. Don’t forget to load up on vegetable toppings. It’s always smart to add vegetables when you can. 

Make dinner out with clients count toward your nutrition goals

Dining out is a challenge for many people. But you can usually find healthy options on a menu. Fish and lean meat entrees with vegetables are great. If you are eating for good nutrition and health, steer clear of heavy creamy dishes. Often, restaurants may indicate healthier options on their menu or online.

Practice healthy eating habits when you choose on-the-go meals

Healthy eating begins with awareness about smart food selections. These on-the-go meals are suggestions to encourage you to make mindful meal choices. Especially when you are busy, stay aware of your hunger level. You don’t want to be starving when you sit down to a meal. Think about how you can include a carb, protein, and healthy fat in each meal whether you are at home or on the road. These eating habits can conveniently keep your health and your life on track.

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