Expressing my gratitude

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I would like to commend and personally thank Amanda Thielen, a physical therapist at the Summit Orthopedics Eagan Clinic. I received physical therapy from Amanda after my knee replacement surgery in November 2015. This was the first time that I had undergone an operation and did not know what to expect from physical therapy. Amanda set up the physical therapy plan, explained the process, and provided excellent care, kindness, and motivation throughout my recovery—far exceeding my expectations.

Amanda professionally developed and documented the goals for my therapy, described the various exercises and their purpose, and expertly guided me through the process. She worked very diligently to help me through the difficult physical exercises, yet she always offered encouragement with a smile. She continuously kept me up to date with my progress and required adjustments. She also provided timely updates to my doctors before each of my appointments with them.

I like to ask many questions and Amanda always took the time to explain the background and purpose for the individual exercises, and their expected outcomes. It is obvious that she has a highly developed professional knowledge that she continuously keeps up-to-date. She also demonstrates an extremely gracious and supportive manner for those under her care. I noted these traits not only with myself, but also with others receiving physical therapy from her.

Amanda is a leading-edge physical therapist and I am greatly impressed! My doctors were also very impressed with the progress of my therapy—a result due in major part to Amanda’s excellent work. As the former director of a federal human resources department and current advisor to numerous human resource programs throughout the United States, I recognize the importance of leading-edge professional employees who are professionally capable and fully committed. It is obvious that Amanda excels in both areas and should be recognized accordingly.

Please express my gratitude to Amanda for her professionalism, her commitment and her kindness.

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