Beyond Physical Therapy: How Wellness Services Can Help You

Summit’s wellness specialists can work with therapists to enhance physical therapy outcomes.

Ask any Summit physician: physical therapy is critical to a successful outcome following surgery or an injury. But insurance limits the number of physical therapy sessions given to a patient. And because recovery time varies from patient to patient, the number of therapy sessions allowed by insurance may end before you feel fully recovered. Summit wellness services address exactly this issue.

Individual responses to physical therapy vary

Physical therapy and wellness work hand in hand to maximize your recovery following a surgery or orthopedic injury. The physical therapy process is designed to help people recover function, but everyone heals differently. At the conclusion of physical therapy, some people may not feel that they’ve completely recovered their presurgical or pre-injury level of fitness. In other cases, patients have a goal beyond mere function recovery. They might be planning a biking trip. Or they may want to start training for a race, and don’t feel comfortable jumping straight into heavy training. These are situations where our Summit wellness services can help.

Many of Summit’s wellness clients are referred by Summit physical therapists. After surgery or an injury, patients forge a relationship of trust with their physical therapist. I think patients feel more confident about moving from therapist to a wellness specialist when that sense of trust and familiarity already exists.

Bridging the gap between physical therapy and full recovery

Summit’s wellness services are designed to help bridge the gap between physical therapy and full recovery. What’s nice at Summit is that our wellness performance specialists and physical therapists work side by side in the same space. As a result, this makes it easy for wellness specialists and physical therapists to collaborate on a plan. Your physical therapist can explain your progress in physical therapy and any restrictions you might have. Your therapist tells our specialists what to focus on, and we work together as a team to help you achieve your goals. It’s really nice for patients to have that seamless communication between their therapist and our wellness specialists. When you move from your therapist to the care of a performance specialist, both specialists are still working side by side to support your recovery.

Some patients even choose to start working with a performance specialist while they are still in physical therapy. In these cases, our physical therapists talk with performance specialists about training specifics, For example, the physical therapist can point out areas of your body that should not be stressed. Our performance specialists know how to design training around those parameters. It’s a great option to safely enhance recovery after an injury or surgery.

Collaborative wellness training safely improves patient outcomes

There is a pervasive attitude that fitness is all or nothing. Either we are training at 100 percent all the time, or else we are somehow failing ourselves. Frankly, that’s not the case—especially when you are recuperating. That’s a time when it is appropriate to scale back from a full-throttle approach to fitness. In fact, when we do push too hard too soon, we can do our bodies more harm than good.

Here at our HealthEast Sports Center, we offer well-trained, certified specialists who have experience with a lot of different conditions. Our people have the background to understand what is appropriate for an individual based on their physical situation. It’s hard to overstate the benefits. When patients transition from our physical therapists to our performance specialists, they can be confident that they’ll get appropriate training. Furthermore, because we know the patient’s medical history, we are designing a program that won’t risk any additional stress or damage. That shared knowledge about what a patient can and should be doing really matters.

Summit Orthopedics offers proactive wellness services

At Summit Orthopedics, we are committed to providing the resources, tools, and expertise you need to achieve your personal fitness goals. Our Summit wellness center is home to proactive wellness classes and training services for you and the whole family. Wellness experts can work with you or your physician to design an exercise program that supports lifelong health through exercise.

Start your journey to a more active self through our wellness services offered at the HealthEast Sports Center. Schedule a free wellness consultation online or call (651) 968-5766. Find the group fitness class that works with your schedule. Visit our Facebook page to learn all about the wellness events we offer to safely promote good health throughout your life.

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