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Our wellness program now offers more services in expanded locations.

Power House

At Summit Orthopedics, providing personalized wellness services to our patients and community is one way we support healthy, active lifestyles. We know that health and fitness are critical to comprehensive orthopedic care. Consequently, we are delighted to announce our partnership with The Power House, which provides customized fitness training in the Twin Cities. This partnership expands our existing wellness services. And, with new locations in Highland Park and St. Louis Park, you can pursue your journey to better health more conveniently than ever.

A shared commitment to quality

On April 1, our partnership expands the performance and wellness services offered at our HealthEast Sports Center location. The Power House founders, Max and Jill Lipset, explain more about the collaboration between Summit’s healthcare professionals and The Power House’s 15 full-time staff.

“Together, fitness coaches will continue to work right next to Summit’s physical therapists and orthopedic physicians and surgeons,” explains Max Lipset. “Our working relationship with Summit Orthopedics gives us a unique opportunity to coordinate comprehensive orthopedic care for our clients. We are also enhancing and expanding the coaching and wellness services available at HealthEast Sports Center.”

Training provided by skilled, certified coaches

The Power House and Summit believe in employing thoroughly trained coaches. “Like Summit’s performance specialists, our coaches have four-year degrees,” explains Max. “Many have also completed a master’s program in biology, kinesiology, coaching, or nutrition. In addition to academic credentials, we require our coaches to have three training-related certifications.”

“Not all certifications are comprehensive in the information they test,” Max points out. “We reviewed multiple bodies before approving primary certification from either the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or CrossFit. The NSCA is the oldest strength and conditioning certifying body. It is recognized by academic institutions, colleges, and professional sports organizations. And CrossFit is a major international brand.”

The secondary certification is by Functional Movement Systems (FMS), developed by physical therapists and used by many Summit physical therapists. Finally, we require a third certification of the coach’s choice. The Power House offers coaches certified in Pilates, yoga, nutrition, and speed agility quickness training. “As a result,” Max explains, “we have highly qualified, credentialed coaches to help you achieve your personal goals.”

Our partnership enhances existing Summit wellness services

“We share Summit’s dedication to comprehensive wellness services, including individual and group coaches, nutrition resources, and performance training,” says Jill.

  • Private training. We will continue individual and small group training, but with the expanded support of additional full-time coaches.
  • Group fitness classes. Under the partnership, the current nine weekly fitness classes offered at Summit’s HealthEast Sports Center facility is expanded to 26 classes per week. In addition, The Power House’s two facilities in Highland Park and St. Louis Park conduct more than 70 classes per week. “This provides more options and flexibility for clients,” says Jill, “they are able to choose fitness location that’s most convenient for them.”
  • Summit and The Power House both see the importance of healthy eating as part of a comprehensive fitness program. “Our coaches collaborate with dietitians as needed, and we have nutrition coaches on staff,” says Max.
  • Team training. With more than 10 years of experience training individual and team athletes, The Power House is well-positioned to maintain Summit’s relationship with District 833 student athletes. “We have a long-standing relationship with the Stillwater track and cross-country program,” Max adds. “Their program is distinguished by multiple state championships and has produced incredible individual athletes. One of the runners I trained broke an American record as a high school miler. He is currently running for Princeton in the Ivy League finals.”

The Power House resources expand wellness services

“We share Summit’s focus on science-based wellness practices and a commitment to community,” says Jill. “It’s exciting to support our shared goals by bringing additional services. We want to meet people at the intersection of real life and fitness goals and help them progress from where they are now to where they want to go.”

  • Health coaching. “Health coaching is an emerging board-certified field,” explains Max. “That’s because it brings together psychology and coaching, using motivational interviewing, goal-setting techniques, and awareness-building. Our coaches work with an individual or a group of individuals to help you achieve particular health goals.”
  • Corporate Wellness. In addition to individual and group services, The Power House has created a culture of health and wellness for organizations including the Pipe Trades Union of Minnesota and Chandler Inc. Custom-designed programs combine health coaching, performance coaching, group fitness, and nutrition. These services improve employee population health, increase camaraderie and loyalty to the company and brand, help to retain top talent, and reduce insurance claims.

“Our services reflect the family orientation we share with Summit,” says Jill. “That’s because we are a family-based business, family owned and run. While we love working with families, we also offer coaching expertise for student athletes and businesses.

Supported by Summit’s orthopedic medical services, we look forward to meeting people where they are with customized fitness programs. Most of all, we are dedicated to helping our clients win their life and achieve their personal summit.”

Summit + The Power House helps you meet your fitness goals

Summit Orthopedics partners with performance experts from The Power House to bring comprehensive, highly-tailored fitness services to you. Whether you are a first-timer in the gym or a competitive athlete, our coaches and trainers have all the tools, resources, and expertise to create programs that fit your needs and help you achieve your performance goals. Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be a patient of Summit to take advantage of these offerings.

Start your journey towards your health and fitness goals today. Schedule a free consultation at the HealthEast Sports Center location online, or call (651) 968-5766. Find the group fitness class that works with your schedule. Visit The Power House Facebook page to learn all about the events we offer to safely promote good health throughout your life.

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