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Peak Fitness Program

Research has shown that maintaining physical fitness delivers powerful health benefits. Regular exercise and good nutrition reduce risks of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Healthy weight management has a positive impact on metabolic issues, joint disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, and the risks linked to obesity. Summit fitness partner Max Lipset, founder of The Power House, and Summit performance specialists Heidi Corbett and Jeffrey Cassellius explain how the Peak Fitness Program is designed to create measurable improvements in individual health.

The origin of the Peak Fitness Program

“Our Peak Fitness Program takes the guesswork out of fitness,” says Jeffrey Cassellius. Born out of The Power House partnership with Summit Orthopedics, the program name reflects a joint mission to support individuals in reaching their peak fitness objectives. “We know that when you reach a peak level of fitness, you tend to maintain it,” notes Max Lipset. “We wanted to create a program that could help people start from their current fitness level and get as close as they can to peak fitness.”

The Peak Fitness Program offers multiple health benefits

“When you get into a rhythm of training and recovery, you start to experience multiple healthy adaptations,” says Max Lipset. “We call this ‘the jet stream of adaptation.’” He explains that these adaptations can occur simultaneously. For example, you might experience improved joint function at the same time you achieve a reduction in body fat.

“At the gym, we evaluate progress through performance,” Lipset continues. “We measure how long it takes you to complete a mile on the bike or a quarter-mile run. We look at how much weight you lift today versus a month ago. When we correlate your performance outcomes to your medical biometrics and other health measurements, we start to see the benefits of adaptation. It can be an amazing journey to better health.”

An “assess, don’t guess” approach to fitness

“We encourage you to have a conversation or schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of our coaches before beginning the Peak Fitness Program,” says Max Lipset. “During the consultation, we’ll review your medical history, any previous injuries, and your training history if applicable. This information enables us to customize movements for you right out of the gate. Scheduling an assessment is another option for those who want a more in-depth analysis. Assessments offer one or two 60-minute sessions with a trained staff member. Assessments include a functional movement screen, medical history, and strength and conditioning assessments. An assessment provides a clear picture of your present fitness level so you begin our program with a high level of customization that sets you up for success.”

Four-part structure of the Peak Fitness Program

Peak Fitness sessions are approximately an hour long, with a four-part format.

  • Warm-up. “We spend the first 10 to 15 minutes on a warm-up focused on flexibility and increasing blood flow,” says Max Lipset. “Each warm-up is tailored to the session exercises to ensure injury prevention.”
  • Compound movements. The second segment of the class is designed to activate big muscle groups with compound movements. “Compound movements—like a squat—simultaneously move multiple joints, like ankles, knees, and hips,” explains Lipset. “By comparison, an isolation movement like a bicep curl moves only one joint: the elbow. Because compound movements are so efficient at engaging multiple muscle groups, they give you the biggest bang for your buck. You burn more calories performing these movements, develop your range of motion, and use more muscle. As a result, these movements have more application to daily activities.”
  • Strength and conditioning exercise. The next 20 to 30 minutes focus on a combination of strength and conditioning exercises designed to increase heart rate, strengthen key muscle groups, and maximize range of motion. These activities are tailored to individual participants to ensure safety and support personal goals.
  • “We want you to cool down during the last 10 to 15 minutes of class with isolation and core exercises,” says Lipset. “This portion of the class comprehensively strengthens core postural muscles. You use these muscles for 16 to 18 hours a day, and these exercises are designed to improve your muscular endurance.”

The benefits of the Peak Fitness Program

Peak Fitness training integrates your personal medical history and fitness goals to maximize healthy benefits.

  • You will work on strength and fitness with exercises appropriate for your fitness level, your medical history, and your training experience. “We are here to meet you at your fitness level today,” says Heidi Corbett. “Our program provides professional guidance to help you get stronger safely, whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete.” “I think that’s a unique feature of our program,” notes Max Lipset. “It’s not cookie-cutter at all.”
  • A hybrid mix of activities. “Our program blends movements from multiple modalities to maximize your efforts,” says Max Lipset. “You may do activities you’d find in a physical therapy session with other movements from Pilates and yoga classes.
  • Measurable outcomes. We measure performance metrics to keep you on track,” states Max Lipset. “We document the weights you work with and the time within which you complete exercises. Because we track your progress, you don’t have to.”
  • The accountability of a group format. “There are a lot of benefits to working out in a group,” says Heidi Corbett. “There’s a sense of accountability, an opportunity to socialize, and a friendly sense of challenge. I do strength training with an 83-year-old woman and her younger friends. She is a firecracker! When she grabs heavy weights for an exercise, her friends all follow suit. That dynamic mix of personalities in a group encourages everyone to do their best.”
  • Program-tailored equipment. “Our facilities offer equipment that is unique to this program,” says Max Lipset. “With a combination of bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, and customized training equipment, we deliver an efficient, safe, results-oriented program.”
  • Convenient scheduling. At Summit’s HealthEast facility in Woodbury, Peak Fitness classes are offered morning, noon, and night Monday through Thursday. Friday and weekend classes will soon be added to the schedule. The Power House is also rolling out an extension of the Peak Fitness Program at their facilities in St. Paul and St. Louis Park. This will enable clients to access Peak Fitness classes at three locations.

Registration for the Peak Fitness Program

You can kick-start your fitness future by going to The Power House’s website to sign up for either a trial package of three classes for $30 to check out the program, a package of 10 classes, or a monthly unlimited package designed for people who want to attend more than 10 classes each month. “Our pricing is extremely competitive with other less comprehensive training options on the market,” notes Max Lipset.

“We are here to support your goals with a program customized to your needs,” says Jeffrey Cassellius. “Whether you are new to exercise or are finding your fitness goals elusive, we can help. Today is always the right day to start up the path to your personal fitness summit.”

Sign up for the Peak Fitness Program here: https://tphmn.com/peak-fitness/

Summit + The Power House helps you meet your fitness goals

Summit Orthopedics partners with performance experts from The Power House to bring comprehensive, highly tailored fitness services to you. Whether you are a first-timer in the gym or a competitive athlete, our coaches and trainers have all the tools, resources, and expertise to create programs that fit your needs and help you achieve your performance goals. Everyone is welcome; you don’t have to be a patient of Summit to take advantage of these offerings.

Start your journey toward your health and fitness goals today. Schedule a free consultation at the HealthEast Sports Center location online, or call (651) 968-5766. Find the group fitness class that works with your schedule. Visit The Power House Facebook page to learn all about the events we offer to safely promote good health throughout your life.

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