Pain free after 16 months of debilitating muscle cramps

“I highly recommend this clinic for any ortho needs and certainly Dr. Santos for his expertise.”

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I have had debilitating muscle cramps/spasms/charlie horses for about 16 months. I have been receiving infusion therapy for psoriatic arthritis for a year and that did not change my pain or discomfort.

I saw Dr. Santos in the Ortho Urgent Clinic one evening as I was crying in pain and almost immobile with walking due to my pain and cramps, could not sleep at night due to the charlie horses and muscle spasms. He ordered an MRI, had me start PT after seeing the results and explaining the course of action so well. After four weeks of PT it was determined I would receive the epidural, the information given me I read and received the injection within a week. It was painless, I was surprised it was so easy. I had relief within a day, five days out pain down so much and here I am a month out and 100% pain free.

I am so thankful I can freely walk, bend, sit and get in and out of a car without pain and I’m back feeling like I can live a normal life. Dr. Santos is very professional and has good bedside manors. I highly recommend this clinic for any ortho needs and certainly Dr. Santos for his expertise. I like that they have a team approach so you never wait even half a day for a response to a call or concern. I was told I needed major surgery in my back to feel normal again. I’m grateful I received my care for my back here.

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  • Jose O. Santos, M.D.

    “I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and use the most conservative treatment methods possible to help people reduce pain and achieve their highest level of function. I use a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment and am committed to caring for my patients and improving the quality of their lives.”

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