A story of chronic back pain and the road to recovery

I would highly recommend seeing Summit Ortho and Dr. Spight if you are suffering from chronic pain, because you do not have to be.

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On new years eve 2016 I was waiting at a stop light when I was rear ended. My life would never be the same.

I went through months of chiropractor appts , MRI scans, then months of rehab appts. With very little improvement and in chronic pain I was eventually referred to Dr. Spight at Summit Ortho.

This is the amazing part of the story! He immediately after doing a thorough examination quickly and expertly recognized why I was not improving and suggested we try a procedure called a branch block. With having suffered with chronic pain ranging from annoying all the way to debilitating on some days in both my neck and lower back, the test from the branch block gave me 95 percent pain relief.

Dr. Spight was certain at this point I had facet joint injuries in both my neck and back. He proceeded with doing neurotomies in both places. They basically destroy the nerve endings between the facet joints where your pain is coming from. I immediately experienced 100 percent relief and was almost in tears of joy the next day.

I had not been able to sleep because of the pain and now I had my first good sleep in over a year.

Dr. Spight, along with his awesome friendly team, gave me my life back. On top of it you will not find a more thorough , kinder, and positive human being. He is by far the best Dr. I have ever had in my life and I am so grateful.

He took his time to explain every single step during the procedures and constantly verified my pain level as he was going through each step.

I would highly recommend seeing Summit Ortho and Dr. Spight if you are suffering from chronic pain, because you do not have to be.

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  • David Spight DO

    David W. Spight, D.O.

    “My greatest satisfaction in medicine is having the opportunity to educate patients about the relationship between structure and function, which allows them to gain the necessary knowledge to become active participants in their care.”

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