COVID Questions Answered: How is Summit keeping patients safe during visits?

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About the video: How is Summit keeping patients safe during visits?

We are all living in a new normal. Hear from our experts about how we will keep you safe when you enter a Summit facility.

Video Transcription

There’s a lot of things that are different, but it’s sort of new normal. It’s what we do now. You know, we are just trying to do our part to keep things as safe as we can for both our patients and our employees. It’s important. When a patient walks in, they’re expected to wear a mask. So are the physicians and the providers and all the support staff. And then they get their temperature tested, just as a simple test. And then our clinic managers are really working hard to find ways, not just to have a bunch of people sitting next to each other in clinic like a normal doctor’s office would, but actually moving them to the patient rooms, keeping them well separated. So that really, you’re not even close to other people right now, which is good. This is a medical company and we are expected to be held to the highest standard medically so that people can feel safe.

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