COVID Questions Answered: How is Summit keeping patients safe on surgery day?

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About the video: How is Summit keeping patients safe on surgery day?

Learn what we have changed from a surgical perspective and how we are keeping you safe during your surgery.

Video Transcription

From a surgical perspective, we’ve also changed some things. We’re trying to prioritize more acute injuries, things that need to be taken care of in an urgent manner. We’re making sure that every person coming into the surgery centers for a procedure is having a COVID test done. And again, everybody is wearing a mask in every single part of the building, whether that’s, you know, in surgery itself or even outside of surgery in the waiting rooms, in the common areas. Previously we would have patients have their family members wait in the waiting area. But in order to make sure that there’s not too many people too close together, we have our family members wait in the car with a telephone number they provide us with so that we can have them come in just for the important parts. I think that it’s important for patients to know that all the safety precautions are there.

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