COVID-19: New Safety Measures in Physical Therapy

COVID Video Series

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth many changes to both or patients and our staff. Listen to Dr. Brent Warner discuss the safety protocols implemented in physical therapy.

Video Transcription

We’ve certainly seen some changes in our physical therapy providers and the way they’re giving care these days. They also, of course, are universally wearing masks and protective equipment like gloves and eye protection. They have instituted some telehealth as an option for patients who either don’t feel comfortable coming in for their therapy or, say, have problems that are easily treated remotely, right? Sometimes it’s OK to teach people exercises and then just observe them doing them in their own home to check in periodically via the video chat. For the patients that do need to come in and be seen actually in one of our locations, we’re trying to keep patients and their providers separated apart by at least six feet, if not more, if that’s achievable. We’re making sure that we’re disinfecting and cleaning all the equipment that might be used by multiple patients in between each visit. And then for things that can be disposed of, so that they’re not reused, we have now gone to basically using a brand-new one. And so, hopefully, in that way, we’re minimizing any risk if someone comes in.

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