Telehealth Appointments

COVID Video Series

During the COVID pandemic, we have implemented the option for our patients to see us virtually, with Telehealth. Dr. Brent Warner walks through what a typical Telehealth visit might look like.

Video Transcription

One option we’ve rolled out since COVID is the option to do a lot of our care via telehealth. And so what that means is we set up a video chat with a patient where they use their laptop or their phone or a tablet at their home or their office. We do the same here at our office so that we can see each other via video. And then we can do a fair amount of care that way. I’ve found it to be particularly effective for some postsurgical care, people where we just need to check in and see how they’re doing in terms of their pain or their range of motion. Those things can be fairly easy to check over a video chat. I’ve also found it very helpful to do imaging review that way. So if I see a patient who has an injury that needs a CT scan or an MRI, we can often review that study together over video chat and keep people away from the office where they’re necessarily going to be maybe a little bit safer.

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