Physical therapy is helping me regain my quality of life

Working on body re-positioning with Tom has changed my life.

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Working on body re-positioning with Tom has changed my life. I suffer from back disease with dehydrated disks and deteriorating situations throughout my lumbar that manifests itself in chronic weakness, numbing and pain in my lower back and down my left leg. In addressing an injury causing me pain in my lower right back area, not related to my spinal issue, I worked with Tom on various body repositioning exercises coupled with dry needling. After several months of work, we are making slow progress in alleviating the pain in my lower right back but progress none the less. The more extraordinary thing is that the chronic pain in my lower back from my spine issue has gone away. The chronic numbness and weakness down my left leg is no longer chronic and something that isn’t there anymore where it was there everyday, throughout the day. And, for the first time in over ten years, my left leg responded to a general reflex check during an annual physical. Meaning that when my doctor used his rubber hammer on my left knee cap it actually responded with an involuntary kick upward. Something that hadn’t occurred in over 10 years.

The more consistent I work my body re-positioning exercises Tom has given me throughout my day, the more I am managing the pain in my lower right back. The more frequent I do these simple exercises throughout the day I notice the pain is less frequent and I feel that I am actually changing my body positioning through Tom’s prescribed exercises that is “curing”, for lack of a better word, the chronic pain from injury in my lower right back. Slow but sure. My active lifestyle contributed in a round about way to my body position to go out of whack. So I understand that it will take time to re-store a healthy position.

Early on I believe the dry needling helped “kick start” the healing process by prepping my injured muscles to change and release so as to facilitate the effectiveness of the re-positioning exercises Tom gave me.

In short, I know that my work with Tom is helping me regain the quality of life I had before my injury and before my spine issues manifested themselves.

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