Rollie’s Story

I’ve attached 3 photos of the thank-you cards I made and recently gave my 3 surgeons. It was so fun to make those and show those doctors how much they’re appreciated and how they helped my quality of life!

Dr Perra has helped several family members over some 30 years. For me he’s given me several cortisone injections for left hip bursitis.

In 2016 he repaired a Gluteus Medius tear on right hip. Because he was thorough, he ordered an MRI which was the only way to see this unusual tear! He drilled holes in my hip bone and ran threads up, tying my muscle/tendon back on. I was on a walker 2 months! I did ALL my PT (I go to Fairview close to home for that) and he said I was successful because I did that.

That same year he did a total hip replacement for my husband Phil who suffered AVN of his hip (he’s a 2x cancer survivor and bone marrow transplant patient and the treatments can deteriorate a joint) That year Phil and I were as Dr. Perra said, a “two-fer”! We were both coming to see him with our hip healing! He’s helping me now with SI joint.

Dr. Perra’s personality, listening skills and professional knowledge are above and beyond!!!

Dr L.T. Donovan has helped me I believe 3 times these past 10 years or so. I’m a professional published artist and there’s nothing I love doing more, so you can imagine my fear of having hand surgery!

I had a “trigger finger” that would lock in a bent position. I put off surgery 5 years, trying hand therapy, wearing a splint, cortisone shots and finally sought out a hand surgeon for advice. Dr. Donovan explained so clearly what causes it and how easily it can be fixed! I was awake during my same-day surgery and he kept explaining as he went. Recovery went great. I went on to develop 4 more trigger fingers he fixed in I think 2 more surgeries! I wasn’t afraid to get them repaired.

Dr. Donovan is excellent, friendly and easy to talk to too and a good listener. His personality is great too. I look for it these qualities too, not just medical expertise.

Dr. Michael Anderson is my most recent surgeon who took care of my right foot in January. I had an arthritic big toe that hurt with every step. A rheumatologist gave me shots in it every 3 months for 18 months until they no longer lasted and I sought out a surgeon. Dr. Anderson was thorough and ordered an MRI which he said showed definitely the arthritis, and ALSO the index toe had a torn tendon. He fixed both. My foot healed great and Dr. Anderson was great with follow up and communication when I had questions. He too had a nice friendly, easy-to-talk with personality and did a great job!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my story.



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  • Jerome Perra MD

    Jerome Perra, M.D.

    “My goal is always to return the patient to his or her highest level of function, and to individualize post-operative
    and rehabilitation expectations.”

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  • LT Donovan

    L.T. Donovan, D.O.

    “My personal passions for baseball and cycling often give me unique insights about how to treat sports-related injuries.”

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  • Michael Anderson MD

    Michael Anderson, D.O.

    “Foot and ankle problems affect people from all walks of life. Whether your goal is to get back to competitive sports, live a more active life, resume work or enjoy time with family and friends, I’m here to help.”

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