Improving Mental Health in Student Athletes [Video]

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Video Transcription:

There are a lot of ways that student athletes can improve their mental health. One is paying attention to your mental health. Realizing that, “Hey, I’m having anxiety and it’s affecting my life. Or I’m having depression or having some other mental health condition, and it’s affecting the way that I live my life and my performance.” I think especially recently, there has been a lot of examples of both professional and Olympic athletes bringing their mental health concerns forward. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a collegiate or high school athlete, these people are under a lot of pressure. Mental health conditions are very common. You are likely not the only one on your team who is dealing with a mental health issue. So, I would encourage you to speak up and seek treatment for that.

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  • Daniel T. Probst, M.D., C.A.Q.

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