Is it Neck Pain or Shoulder Pain? [Video]

Ask the Expert | Shoulder

Video Transcription:

I have a term I use in my clinic and I’m not sure I can trademark it or not, but I call it the “shneck.” It’s a combination of a shoulder and neck problem. So the spine surgeons and I oftentimes share patients who probably have an underlying neck problem, and that can radiate pain into the shoulder. And sometimes the shoulder, if it doesn’t function very well, can put some additional stress in the neck, so it can make neck problems a little worse also. And so, really helping to educate the patient on, is it a neck problem, is it a shoulder problem, or are they both kind of working together to cause the issue? That can be a little bit of a mystery sometimes. Working closely with my spine colleagues here at Summit, we help to figure out, OK, really the majority of your pain might be coming from your neck, that might include, you know getting some MRI studies. It might include some injections. Sometimes we use injections as a tool to figure out where is the pain really coming from? And so, working together, I think we can oftentimes figure things out for the patient and get them on the best treatment path that’ll hopefully solve one or both problems.

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