What Do I Do if I Want a Second Opinion? [Video]

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Video Transcription: The answer, oftentimes, first, is to see the person who did the surgery. You know, that’s the person most familiar with that joint. It’s not going to offend the initial surgeon. Really, we are all in this field to try to make a person better, and they want the best for the patient regardless if they can provide it or if they believe that another opinion is in order. But a person may also say, “I don’t want to go see that person again,” for any reason that might be, and that’s an acceptable answer. The next step then would be to seek out somebody, either talking with a primary care doctor, talking with even the original surgeon’s office, to say, “Hey, I’d like to have my knee replacement evaluated by somebody or my hip replacement looked at.” And they may send that person on for another opinion. And when someone is seeing a second opinion, it’s important, again, to see someone who specializes in that field.

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  • Kevin Lindgren, M.D.

    “As an orthopedic surgeon, and hip and knee specialist I strive to help patients restore function and regain lost quality of life.  This is done through surgical and non-surgical means.  The daily interactions with my patients is the most rewarding part of what I do. I enjoy the discussions about diagnosis and helping to educate people and discuss treatment options.”

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