Flips Gymnastics

From preschool to high school, aspiring gymnasts participate in Flips Gymnastics programming.

We are pleased to be the sports medicine partner to Flips Gymnastics, providing injury prevention education, athletic training at meets, and expert care for injuries.

We believe Flips Gymnastics takes a great approach to the sport. Their mission is:

  • To instill the fun of physical activity as an important part of life.
  • To assist children with positive and healthy habits.
  • To challenge children to set attainable and realistic goals, assist them in that process and allow them to experience success in their achievements, both small and large.
  • To offer opportunities to increase the self esteem and self confidence of children.
  • To teach proper skills within a safe, progressive format in a safe and comfortable environment.

Summit’s focus on supporting healthy, active lifestyles and preventing injury makes this a great partnership to help local gymnastics families.

Learn more about Flips Gymnastics on their website.