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Erik A. Lund, M.D.

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“My training in orthopedic trauma has prepared me to help my patients return to the active lifestyle they had before their injury.”

Undergraduate Studies
Amherst College — Amherst, MA

Medical School
University of Minnesota Medical School — Minneapolis, MN

Orthopedic Surgery
University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics — Madison, WI

Orthopedic Trauma
Florida Orthopaedic Institute | Tampa General Hospital — Tampa, FL

Board Eligible, American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery

Professional Memberships

  • AOTrauma, Resident Member
  • AAOS, Resident Member
  • Wisconsin Orthopedic Society, Resident Member

Publication | Posters:

  • Lund E, Hannon P, Merimee S, Mir H. “Does Bone Density on CT Correlate with Fracture Characteristics and Conversion to Arthroplasty in Operatively Treated Elderly Acetabular Fractures?” Accepted postetr/abstract at OTA Annual Meeting 2018.
  • Lund E, Mir H. “Ipsilateral ankle, talus, and calcaneus fracture dislocation: a case report.” Accepted to Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma. June, 2018.
  • Lund E, Doro C. “Can Perioperative Computed Tomography Hounsfield Units Predict Failure of
    Femoral Neck Fracture Fixation?” Accepted poster to OTA. Manuscript in progress.
  • Lund E, Whiting P. Textbook Chapter: “Proximal Humerus Fractures.” Orthopedic Traumatology. An
    Evidence-Based Approach. 2
    nd Edition. Springer. Publication in process.
  • Heintzman S, Lund E, Bubla J, Whiting P. “A novel casting technique for tongue-type calcaneus
    fractures with soft tissue compromise.” Foot and Ankle Orthopedics. 2017. Accepted for
  • Lund E, Tueting J. Textbook Chapter: “Bone Tumors: Benign.” Tumors of the Hand & Upper Extremity.
    American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH). E-Book.
  • Duffey B, Nguyen V, Lund E, Hubert J, Anderson JK. “Intermediate-term outcomes after renal
    cryoablation: results of a multi-institutional study,” J. of Endourology. 2012; 26:15–20. (PMID:
  • Kumar A, Li Q, Hudson W, Chen W, Sam T, Yao Q, Lund E, Wu B, Kowai B, Kersey J, “A role for
    MEIS1 in MLL-fusion gene leukemia,” Blood. Vol 113, No 8, pp 1756-1758. 19 February 2009.
    (PMID 19109563).
  • Chen W, Kumar A, Hudson W, Li Q, Wu B, Staggs R, Lund E, Sam T, Kersey J, “Malignant
    Transformation Initiated by Mll-AF9: Gene Dosage and Critical Target Cells,” Cancer Cell. Vol
    13, No 5, pp 432-440. May 2008. (PMID 18455126)

Active Research:

  • Lund E, Mir H. “Do interfragmentary lag screws have similar pullout strength, hold compression, and
    maintain reduction as well as positional screws?” AO grant submitted. Florida Orthopaedic
    Institute, Tampa, FL. Manuscript in process.
  • Lund E, Doro C. “Segmental Femoral Defect in Rats.” Developed an animal nonunion model and
    investigated novel methods to enhance healing. University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI. Manuscript submitted for publication.


  • “Case Decisions & Implications.” Orthopedic Grand Rounds, University of Wisconsin
  • “Cost of Orthopedic Trauma Care.” Orthopedic Grand Rounds, University of Wisconsin
  • “Segmental Bone Loss and Transport.” Annual Meeting, Wisconsin Orthopedic Society

Personal Interests & Hobbies
Spending time with my wife and son, outdoor activities in the north woods, hockey, and live music

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