Fitness Classes

Classes are held at HealthEast Sports Center, and individuals at all abilities and ages are welcome to participate. Our Peak Fitness and Cardio Bootcamp programs focus on high-intensity interval training and resistance training, while Yoga and Yoga Sculpt provide strength and flexibility in one feel-great experience. Memberships or class packages available for purchase.

Click below for the class schedule. If you have any questions or would like to register by phone, please call (651) 968-5766.

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About Our Classes

Classes take place in Summit Orthopedics Healthy + Active Center located on the second floor of HealthEast Sports Center. Enter through the main HealthEast Sports Center entry (not the Summit Orthopedics entry), and use the stairs or elevator to make your way to the fitness center on the second floor.


Unlimited Classes

  • Founding Members: First 50 to sign up get $99 per month for unlimited classes. After 50 members have signed, pricing will move to $150 per month.
  • Reciprocity at other Power House gyms is +$25/month.
  • Memberships may be paid for with HSA in some cases. Healthy Contributions member.
  • This membership covers the following classes: Workout of the Day (WOD), Conditioning Classes, Yoga
  • Members receive one hour assessment and on-ramp with purchase of the first month
  • Educators, Students, and Active Service receive $9 discount.

Adult Drop-Ins and Punch Cards

  • Drop-ins can be purchased for $15 for a single class
  • 10 pack of classes can be purchased for $99
  • This pricing covers the following classes: Workout of the Day (WOD), Conditioning Classes, Yoga


  • $99 per month for unlimited access
  • $89 for 3 days a week
  • $69 for 2 days a week
  • Participants meet with a coach one on one for 30-60 minutes to assess and update programming. During the rest of the month, participants work through a program designed by their coach in a supervised professional environment where they can ask questions, get feedback, coaching and have fun working out with their peers!
  • HSA payments accepted.

Class Offerings

Gentle Yoga

The name says it all, the theme for this class is all about energy — from the music to the movements to the breathing. A vinyasa yoga style format for all levels, with modifications available, we will use breath work to alleviate stress, gain concentration and relax your overall mind and body. The movements and poses will increase strength and flexibility, and you will leave the class feeling refreshed and energized.

Bring: Towel, Water

Yoga Sculpt

This total body workout combines yoga and weights to sculpt every muscle group. This fast-paced class is accessible to all levels. If you’re looking to push yourself to new limits and have fun along the way, this class is for you.

Bring: Towel, Water

Power HIIT

If you’re looking for a challenge, this class has it all—HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), circuits, endurance, strength and core exercises. Open to all levels, you should come ready to sweat while you move to energetic and upbeat music. Feel challenged and inspired as you work towards your fitness goals.

Bring: Towel, Water, Tennis Shoes

Peak Fitness

This class offers a mix of strength training and cardiovascular exercises. Come ready to work on your overall fitness! Open to all levels. Modifications will be provided for all ability levels.

Bring: Towel, Water, Tennis Shoes

Yoga for Strength

A simple, grounded practice focused on building functional strength and stability. Explore breath awareness and mindful flow with added opportunities to engage and awaken your core at an easeful pace. All are welcome.

Bring: Towel, Water

Yoga for Arthritis and Joint Health

This class is appropriate for those with all levels of yoga experience. A gentle yoga format will be used and modifications will be provided as needed. Work on increasing your flexibility and balance.



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