Team Training

Game days are the moment of truth for sport-specific athletes. Luck can only get a team so far until they default to their level of training. It is the strongest, fastest, quickest, most powerful and disciplined teams that ultimately experience the glory of victory. Team Training with The Power House will equip athletes with the tools necessary for peak performance in specific sports.

Teams that work with The Power House experience a high-energy, supportive environment that develops the skills and mindset necessary for unlocking peak performance. We design team training calendars and programs that fit with each team’s competition season, getting the best results in Off-, Pre-, and In-season training. Each session focuses on speed, agility, and quickness drills, along with power and strength development. Team Training provides a comprehensive development approach with a combination of the following services:

1. Performance Assessments and Testing

  • Functional Movement Screens + individualized corrective exercises
  • VO2 Max Testing
  • Laser speed testing
  • Sorenson test
  • Body Composition screens (18+ athletes)

2. Custom programming for known sport domains

3. Performance coaching

  • Strength, conditioning and power
  • Speed, agility, and quickness
  • Recovery
  • Warm-up and cool-down protocols
  • Yoga and breathwork
  • Goal setting, positive imagery, and team building sessions
  • Nutrition for athletes
  • Return to play / post physical therapy

Where are team training services provided?

These services are provided at The Power House facilities or team-specific locations.

How can I learn more about team training?

Since we create our programs specific to the demands and goals of each team, our pricing is also unique to each contract. Please contact us at to discuss your team’s success strategy.