Water Goes Hand-in-Hand with Healthy Nutrition

Good nutrition doesn’t end with what’s on your plate; the liquid in your drinking glass matters too. We’ve got some great reasons for you to choose water with your meals.


Holiday festivities go hand-in-hand with an array of tempting beverages. After a season of indulging in libations from hot chocolate to eggnog to hot buttered rum, the thought of a cool pristine glass of water has appeal. Our mothers’ advice to drink eight glasses of water a day may be more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule based on scientific evidence, but there are still plenty of good reasons to reach regularly for water when you feel thirsty, including these:

Water maintains our balance of body fluids.

Our bodies are sixty percent water; and those fluids are busy assisting with everything from digestion and absorption and transportation of nutrients to maintaining our body temperature. When our fluids get low, the brain cues a thirst response. Water is the perfect choice to satisfy thirst and keep our body functioning at its best.

Water makes for a healthier workouts.

When muscle cells don’t have enough fluids, they don’t work as well, and we can experience muscle fatigue. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking about two cups of water about two hours before exercising, and then continuing to sip during your workout to replace lost fluids.

Drinking water has weight-loss benefits.

There is no magical trick to effortlessly dissolve extra pounds. However, when you choose water instead of a caloric beverage, you are reducing your calorie intake. Over time, the calories you avoid by drinking water add up.

Water supports our kidneys.

Our body fluids carry waste products in and out of our cells. Kidneys rely on adequate water to clean and rid our bodies of toxins. In fact, drinking inadequate amounts of water over time can lead to kidney stones—another good reason to stay hydrated.

Water is good for our skin.

Our skin is our largest organ, and serves as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. Healthy hydration won’t erase wrinkles or lines, but it will keep our skin functioning at its best.

Whether we reach for H2O that is bottled, iced, or completely unadorned, water is always a smart choice, and a great way to make your new year a healthy one.

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