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Summit ASC Quality Data

Quality & Outcomes

At Summit, our goal is to give you the best care possible and the highest standards maintained by The Joint Commission. We’re certified for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement, as well as Spine Surgery. We use proven methods and look at data carefully to lower problems after surgery, like infections and hospital stays. We aim to continually improve outcomes and provide you with the best overall experience.

The quality of your care and experience is our top priority. Before your surgery, we check everything carefully. During surgery, we use advanced techniques, and after surgery, we keep a close eye on you to make sure you’re doing well. We keep track of how you’re doing with assessments from you through Patient Reported Outcome (PRO), and we work with you to help you get back to doing what you love. Back to your life at your Summit. We use the latest technology to keep you informed and help you every step of the way before and after your surgery.


Total Hip Replacements
98% Improvement
after surgery


Hip Arthroscopy
92% Improvement
after surgery


Carpal Tunnel Release
98% Improvement
after surgery


Rotator Cuff Repair
94% Improvement
after surgery


Total Knee Replacements
95% Improvement
after surgery


92% Improvement
after surgery


ACL Repair
100% Improvement
after surgery


Total Shoulder Replacement
99% Improvement
after surgery


Total Surgeries Performed in 2023

At Summit, ensuring patient satisfaction is our top priority. We track individual patient progress through post-surgery follow-ups, utilizing their feedback to enhance our overall service quality.

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Low Hospital Transfer Rates

Summit conducts rigorous preoperative evaluations, utilizes advanced surgical techniques, and closely monitors patients post-operatively to minimize hospital transfers. With only 0.07% of patients transferred, our rate of 0.65 per 1,000 admissions surpasses the ASC national rate of 0.796 per 1,000 (ASC Quality Collaboration, 2022).

Lower Infection Rates

Our facility boasts an infection rate of only 0.12%, far below the 0.3% average for orthopedic surgery centers and 3.5% for hospitals industry-wide. Through rigorous infection control measures, we prioritize patient safety, minimizing post-operative risks while delivering exceptional healthcare.


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