Thank you, Dr. Wills!

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First, THANK YOU Dr. Wills! My story starts as little or in my mind as “long” as 2 months ago. What we thought was a re-injury to a tear in my lower back from a year ago turned into later finding out I had a herniated disk in my lower back which was causing 100% of my pain down the left side of my leg. I would tell people, the pain is worse then delivering my 3 children. After steroid injections(which did not work) and visits to my spine doctor, the next step was physical therapy. My spine doctor told me that he would also refer me to a spine surgeon if I felt I was ready to look at other options. That weekend the pain was so bad that my kids saw tears rolling down my eyes and I knew I had to take care of this. First thing Monday morning I called my spine doctor for the referral, saw doctor Will’s about a week later, and had surgery 5 days later.

At my appointment with Dr. Wills, the first thing he asked me was about the pain I’m experiencing and then told my husband and I in simple terms, what was causing my pain and that he could HELP! My husband and I left the clinic feeling very optimistic and thankful we were referred to Dr. Wills. Day of the surgery, Dr. Wills once again walked us thru what I would expect which made me and my husband feel very comfortable. Almost one week after my surgery, I’m pretty much PAIN FREE! The day of my surgery my husband drove me home and I could immediately tell the difference, for prior to surgery I could not sit.

I’m so thankful, but I know my husband and my kids are “super’ thankful for now they don’t have to see their wife/mom in pain or see me fight back tears from the pain. Sooner then later will be able to once again enjoy our family activities. Thank you!

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