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Hockey Strengthening Exercises to Try Before You Head Out on the Ice

Summit Orthopedics shares some top hockey strengthening exercises and tips for hockey players.

Hockey players often focus on building strength to support their game. However, developing flexibility through smart stretching is also a key fitness attribute that can help on the ice. Summit Orthopedics is here to help with some hockey strengthening exercises to try before your next game.

The first important question to ask is, when are you stretching? For the most part, sports medicine experts now recognize the potential harm in static stretching before performance. It decreases strength and power, and you may end up with an injury. Instead, start with some dynamic warm-ups before a workout, practice, or game, and save the stretching for afterward.

One active warm-up that can help temporarily increase range of motion is foam rolling. Research has shown that foam rolling for 10 to 15 seconds on areas of the body that are a little tight or stiff can help. As you do it, Think about strength-retraining movements that increase awareness of that sore or tight muscle.

Here are a few strengthening exercises that can benefit any hockey player:

Hockey strengthening exercise 1: Single leg bridge

Hockey players are skating on one leg so often. This exercise can really help.

Hockey strengthening exercise 2: Side plank

Because the skating motion results in overactive muscles on the outside of the hip and weakened muscles in the groin, hockey players can be at increased risk of hip labral tears or groin strains. This exercise can help guard against that.

Hockey strengthening exercise 3: Dead bug

This exercise is good because it uses reciprocal movement of the arm and leg, which forces the core to work harder and mimics skating.

Hockey strengthening exercise 4: Single leg deadlift

This exercise focuses on single-leg demand, breaking key hockey movements down to the basic movement of the body and training from that point up.

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