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4 Fall Activities That Can Cause Back Pain

Fans of autumn beware! With that lovely crispness in the air can come an increase in the potential for back pain. But never fear — with a little advance planning and awareness, you can enjoy the fall season while protecting your back. Here are five fall activities that can cause back pain, why it can happen, and what you can do to prevent it.

  1. Harvesting activities

From apple picking to the pumpkin patch, getting to harvest your own autumn produce can be a great way to spend a fall afternoon. But those activities also come with a lot of bending, twisting, and lifting, all of which can cause back pain if you’re not careful. To stay pain-free:

  1. Cozy indoor days

When the weather turns chilly and gray, it can be tempting to curl up on the couch for the weekend. But too much time spent in one position can lead to muscle stiffness. This is especially true if you’re slouching or don’t have good support for your back and neck. To make the most of a cozy day:

  1. Hiking

With all of the beautiful walking and hiking trails in Minnesota, getting out for a couple of hours is a great way to get some exercise. And in the fall, you can enjoy lower humidity and look at the beautiful foliage. Hiking can lead to a back injury, especially if you’re not warmed up or are overdoing it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Raking leaves

If there is one fall activity that brings back pain to mind, it’s raking leaves and doing other fall yard work. The repeated leaning and pulling motion, together with plenty of bending, lifting, and twisting, can wreak havoc. Here are some tips to get ready: