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What Is a Hand Surgeon?

Ask the Expert

A hand surgeon is someone who takes care of a lot of different pathologies of the upper extremities. So it’s not just the hand, but can include shoulder, elbow, and down to the hand. We’re surgeons who take care of tendon problems, muscle problems, fractures, arthritis, and a lot of different nerve and vessel problems of the upper extremity as well. Most of us are orthopedic surgeons, but hand surgery also involves general surgeons and plastic surgeons in our field. It’s an additional year of training beyond that core training. It also involves a certification process, so that we all have to take a special board examination that certifies us. It’s a pretty rigorous exam. It has to be renewed every 10 years. Much like being board certified in your specialty, it’s an additional certification that gives you credentials to be a subspecialist in hand surgery.